DentureBox Process

For those of you that want the gritty details, this page is for you!


You purchase the denture package that is right for you, Upper, Lower or Both.

  • The correct impression kit is created and sent to your house
  • You are assigned a personal Denture Consultant
    • The consultant will create your Telehealth Account
      • You will receive an email with a link to set up your portal
    • The consultant will send out an email to establish communication and give you instructions about your portal set-up and the forms that need to be filled out.


You receive an Impression Kit.

  • Place the putty in the fridge and schedule an impression appointment with your denture consultant.
  • Meet with your denture consultant on a video call to make great impressions
  • Send back the completed impression kit
    • Once your impression kit is received in the lab a Try-in denture will be created


You receive a Try-in Denture Kit.

  • Your denture Consultant will send you an email about scheduling a Video visit
  • On the video visit with the Denture Consultant you will:
    • Discuss the fit of your Try-in Denture
    • Make adjustments using the adjustment kit
    • Talk about the design and function of the try-in
    • Record any changes that need to be made
    • Use support kit to get new information
  • If a second try-in is necessary, the current design will be updated and a 2nd try-in will be sent out.


You receive your final denture and adjustment kit.

  • As you get used to wearing your custom denture you may experience some rubbing and sore spots, an adjustment kit has been provided to help with that
  • Using your adjustment kit
  • Your Denture Consultant will follow up with you to make sure everything is going great.
  • Please provide DentureBox with your happy reviews and pictures of your beautiful new smile!


– DentureBox

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