We’re going to keep this simple

We have 3 options for denture packages: upper, lower or both. The package is complete from start to finish. No hidden fees or extra costs. If you have any questions, check out our FAQ’s page or use the form below to contact us.

Full Package – 1 Denture


This package is for people looking for a single upper OR lower denture.

Package Includes: Impression Kit, 2 Try-in kits, Adjustment kit, Final Denture and shipping.

You get the adjustment kit for free.

Full Package – 2 Dentures


This package is for people looking for a set of upper and lower dentures.

Package Includes: Impression Kit, 3 Try-in kits, Adjustment kit, Final Dentures and shipping.

You get the adjustment kit for free.

Extra Try-in Kit


Kit includes: Extra try-in, upgraded analysis by Dentist and Master Dental Technician, Call with in-house dentist.

Adjustment Kit


DentureBox has created an at-home denture adjustment kit. The kit is designed to help relieve sore spots created by rubbing. It can also fix uneven biting, change the look of the smile and help the denture fit more comfortably. It is included for free with the purchase of a denture package.

Extra or Replacement Denture


1 year denture breakage warranty: If something happens to your denture other than a failure of our product, like disappearance, dog snack, mix-up.  We will replace your denture at a discounted price.  Or maybe you feel like having a back-up denture in case of emergency would be nice to have around, we can make an extra denture no problem.

Have questions, let us know.

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