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Updated December of 2023


Don’t start our process too early in your healing

We understand that you are eager to have a smile that you love but we want you to have a smile that you love for a long time. We also understand that you may be dealing with a temporary denture that is less than perfect. So much healing happens in the first year post extractions. Your gums are going to change a lot. If we start our process with you too early we cannot guarantee long term results. We are sorry if you are struggling with learning how to navigate talking, eating and smiling with a less than ideal denture, we will be there to get you to a smile you love once the healing process is over.

Personalized products take time

This process is based on creating a good human experience and that doesn’t happen fast. We promise to be efficient in getting your impressions processed, designed and shipped to you in 4-5 business days. We are dependent on the information we receive from you and sometimes it takes a few tries to get it correct. Sometimes it is great on the first try. Know that we are committed to getting the information we need to get you a smile you love.

Trust in our process

We built this process from the idea of “How can we make this a better experience for the patient?” It is all based around communication with you. This is not just making you a denture! This is an investment into listening to you, gathering information and using that to create a smile you are happy to show off, has a good fit and allows you to eat with your friends…in public.

Don’t be afraid to communicate

WE LOVE COMMUNICATION!!!!! Don’t be afraid to tell us your story, send us pictures of your original smile or the smile you desire to have and wear your try-in. Tell us what is great and what needs improvement. We have developed a process designed to listen to you. Beautiful smiles happen with great communication, so let us have it!

Laugh at the bad jokes!

OMG! The jokes are bad but they pass the time while your impressions are setting up.


Here are testimonials from people who have gone through our process, facebook groups to ask questions about us and videos to watch about our process. If after all of that you still have questions, email us directly or call the lab at (605) 716-0545. Communication is key to getting you to a smile you love!

Recognition & Testimonials

Let me tell you about Denture Box. My ED was November 2017. I was not allowed by insurance to have immediate dentures. So I was toothless until May of 2018. The dentist, not a denture mill either, finally got them and I was excited UNTIL I got home and realized they were horrible. Now fast forward to months ago when I found out about Denture Box. I work from home so my dentures were basically just for looks. Desperate for functioning teeth, I took a shot and called Jen. Today, I was able to do the impossible! I ate 3 pieces of cold pizza and these babies didn't budge one bit. No adhesive in the tops at all! I was able to take normal bites instead of the baby sized as I've had to take. Can you say AMAZING! THANK YOU JEN AND EVERYONE AT DENTURE BOX FOR ALL THEY DO.

– Elainda

I just wanted to send you both a quick message and tell you thank you for all the work you put in to give me a new, beautiful smile. It has been a long time since I could smile with confidence but that changes today. I am so happy with my final dentures. I feel like they look like my teeth did in my 20s. I've been telling friends with dentures to look into using Denture Box when they need new ones. Sincerely,

– Stacie Z

To my friends at DentureBox. A very special thank you for giving me my smile back. It has been a pleasure working with you. Not only were you fun to work with but all was done in a timely fashion. Keep up the great work!

– Smiling Jan

I was so pleased with my experience with Denturebox. Jennifer and Dr. Mark were so helpful and my new dentures are great.

– N Bishop

I love my new dentures. They fit so well and look great. I notice that my friends see a difference in my smile. After I received my impression kit I made an appointment with a denture consultant. She was easy to talk with and she guided me through the impression process. I mailed those impressions in a box they provided and within a short time I received my new denture. My new denture fits so well and looks so good. I never knew what a great smile looked like. I can eat corn at BBQ’s again! I work nights and it is very, very difficult for me to schedule almost anything during business hours. So to have the luxury of an evening appointment from my own home is a super plus. It's not like me to write a company to rant and rave about a product. However, my dentures are a life changer. I would recommend anybody to them.

– Marty D

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